Channel 4 reporter told ‘go back to your own country’ by Republican politician in row of guns

The Channel 4 correspondent in Washington was sensationally told to ‘go back to his own country’ by US Republican Party politician Marjorie Taylor Greene on Thursday during a candid discussion on gun control.

Georgia’s representative reacted angrily to Siobhan Kennedy after the Briton pointed out at a press conference that the UK had no ‘mass shootings’ or the Second Amendment in response to the statement by Mrs. Greene that it is her party’s job to “defend the Second Amendment”. ‘.

Siobhan then challenged Ms Greene, saying: ‘We don’t have guns in the UK, that’s true, but we don’t have mass shootings either. And our children are not afraid to go to school. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene, 48, became verbally aggressive towards the reporter at a press conference yesterday after the reporter pointed out that the UK does not have ‘mass shootings’ or the Second Amendment.


Channel 4)

But Ms Greene, 48, quickly fired back: “You have mass stab wounds, madam. You have all kinds of murders and you have laws against it. »

“Not like the rates here,” Siobhan replied.

Clearly flustered, Ms Greene exclaimed: “Well you can go back to your country and worry about not having guns. We love our guns here. »

The politician did not stop there, meanwhile. She later took to Twitter to post a video of the exchange, along with the caption, “When the UK press wants to debate our American gun rights, my response is ‘go back to your own country ” .

Not to be outdone, journalist Siobhan also took to the social media platform: “(Ms Greene) is not happy that I am pointing out that the proposed gun legislation is not about take away his weapons! There is also no knife crime in the UK comparable to gun crime here. There are no “mass stabbings” in the UK. However, here, the children are afraid to go to school? »

And she later told MailOnline: ‘It was a Second Amendment caucus press conference – in other words, a group of very conservative Republicans who reject any kind of gun control, like the legislation in course in Congress that seems very likely to pass.

Marjorie Taylor Greene continued the discussion on Twitter after the conclusion of the press conference


Channel 4)

“It was a big back and forth after I asked him and the other members of the group what they were basically afraid of – that no one was threatening to take their weapons away from them.

“It is important to call these politicians and hold them to account. »

Later that day, meanwhile, Channel 4 revealed that the new gun safety legislation had won the support of Republicans and Democrats in the US Senate for the first time in decades.

Siobhan responded to the news on Twitter, writing: Here’s what happens when you dare ask (Mrs Greene) why she simultaneously says her heart bleeds for Uvalde, while opposing any legislation to prevent a another mass shooting from happening. »

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