Casper Bliss Removable Headboard Review: With Photos

A few months ago we did some work on our master bedroom and spent a few weeks sleeping in our guest bedroom. One night after taking a shower I had my head wrapped in a microfiber towel and managed to completely stain our headboard. I tried everything to remove it, even going so far as to buy a stain remover machine – but nothing worked. We had the headboard for years and it held up well, but honestly the look was a bit dated and I realized it was time for something new. I spent hours browsing websites looking for the perfect replacement for our old headboard, but nothing looked right – until I came across the Casper Bliss Removable Headboard ($640) .

Casper Bliss Removable Headboard Review With Photos

The Bliss removable headboard is available in two different colors, “Boucle Cream”, a lighter cream color, and “Boucle Ash”, a darker gray shade. I immediately fell in love with the cream color as soon as I saw it, and I knew it would go perfectly in our rather neutral guest bedroom. Not only is the curly look super trendy right now, but it was the perfect piece to add some texture to the room without overdoing it.

Logistically, the headboards are compatible with Casper’s adjustable bases and metal bed frames, but they also attach easily to non-Casper bed frames and bases, which I have. They come in queen and king sizes, and I opted for a queen.

As I waited for my new headboard to arrive, the only thing that made me nervous was the assembly, but to my surprise, putting this headboard together was actually a lot easier than I thought. It arrived in a pretty compact box, and I really had no idea how a queen-size headboard could actually fit inside. Once I opened it all up I realized the headboard was in two parts and needed to be put together. Inside the box I found the two panels that would make up my headboard, a headboard cover, two legs to attach the headboard to my metal bed frame, and the bolts and the tools I needed to put it all together.

casper headboard review

Although I thought the process of assembling the headboard would be daunting, I was actually able to put it together myself in about 20 minutes flat. It came with everything I needed so I didn’t even have to rummage through my boyfriend’s toolbox. I put everything together downstairs on our dining room floor, and the only thing I needed my boyfriend’s help with was carrying the headboard upstairs to our bedroom. friends. From there, I was able to easily attach it to my metal bed frame using the tools that came with the headboard.

casper headboard review

Once everything was put together, the bed was made and we stood back to examine the results – we were beyond impressed. It was the perfect update to our guest bedroom, and the new Casper headboard looked much better than the original headboard we had before. Plus, the quality is unmatched. I could see and feel how strong the materials were when assembled. The cover is also incredibly soft, and if Casper offers other furniture made from the same material, I’ll definitely buy it. The headboard is a piece I will have for years to come (as long as I don’t stain it).

Image sources: Casper and POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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