Callum Wheeler sentenced to life in prison for PCSO murder

He was jailed for life with a minimum sentence of 37 years on Friday by Judge Wall, who told him: ‘The attack you launched on her was brutal and vicious. »

When arrested Wheeler told police ‘sometimes I do things that I can’t control’ and while in custody he said ‘you can’t go into the woods and expect to be safe “.

He also said that if released he would return to the woods to rape and kill women, and that Mrs James deserved to die.

Judge Wall continued: “Your actions not only served to prematurely end a life, but also destroyed the life of his entire family.

“I am drawn to the evidence to the obvious conclusion that this was not an impulsive aberration on your part.

“It was more of a planned and thought out attack. »

He continued, “You were there looking for a lone female victim and you were sexually motivated to do so. »

Ms James’s daughter, Ms Coles, also took to the witness box, where she described her mother’s murder as a ‘life sentence’ for the family.

She said: “It has been difficult trying to express how I was affected by the death of my mother. I struggled to find the right words.

“My life has changed beyond measure. Losing my own parent and the woman I loved most in the world is truly awful.

Ms James’ husband Paul wept as he made his victim impact statement in court.

Speaking through tears, he said, “My life was finally over when I married my soul mate. Now my hopes and dreams have been taken away from me.

“Losing my wife to another human being is just beyond comprehension to me – I just exist and don’t have the motivation to do anything. »

He struggled to speak as he described how much he loved and missed the mother-of-two, who joined Kent Police in August 2008 and was assigned to a specialist role in an anti-violence unit servant when she was killed.

Mr James added: “I wonder what she went through in her last moments – I can’t sleep at night. What should I do without it? »

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