California slavery reparations report suggests pardon for child support, free college, free health care

California is once again leading the nation (in the trash): This week the state released its nearly 500-page report on slavery reparations for Californians. Keep in mind that these reparations are strictly for the descendants of slaves who now inhabit California and that the report focuses on California’s past sins.

Gabe Kaminsky reports:

[Ibram X.] Kendi’s 2020 book “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You” is cited four times in the report. In it, the author and professor says “the only thing extraordinary about white people is that they think something is extraordinary about white people”.

[Ta-Nehisi] Coates’ 2014 article in The Atlantic titled “The Case for Reparations,” which claims the effects of slavery still persist today, is mentioned seven times in the report.

“America was built on the preferential treatment of white people – 395 years ago,” he writes. “Vaguely endorsing cuddly and pleasurable diversity does little to remedy this. »

Joseph Simonson reviewed the Washington Free Beacon report and extracted some of the suggested demands, including tree equity, free college, free health care, fewer police officers, and pardons for child support.

Simonson writes:

Black Californians could get child support pardons, free college, free health care, fewer police officers and a long-term ‘truth and reconciliation commission’ if Golden State lawmakers pass the proposals put forward this week by the State Reparations Task Force.

The panel recommends that California eliminate overdue child support owed to the government by black parents who no longer have custody of their children. Black Californians would also no longer need to “reimburse the state for current or past government assistance” related to child support.

The panel also recommends the elimination of all interest payments on former child support owed by Black Californians.

“Police violence and extrajudicial killings of African Americans occur in California as they do in the rest of the country,” the panel concludes. As part of an effort to help heal the state’s black community, the panel recommends state fund art that acknowledges the “trauma of state-sanctioned white supremacist terror.”

While funding this art, the state should also destroy all “anti-black memorials and monuments” identified by the newly created Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

For what it’s worth, President Joe Biden’s stance on reparations — regardless — hasn’t changed:


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