Cable news? A presidential race? Here’s what Liz Cheney could do if (when) she loses re-election.

A decade ago, when Cheney was in the middle of her career in the post-Bush administration, running the neoconservative think tank Keep America Safe with Kristol, she took on the typical kind of job of a well-bred politician with ideas about national security and domestic politics that were far right of center: She joined Fox News as a contributor, appearing as a commentator on a number of the network’s news programs. Within months, she was replacing Sean Hannity on his eponymous news program, much to the chagrin of left-leaning media watchdogs like Media Matters, which noted Cheney’s advocacy work on behalf of the GOP — and, it was practically going. without saying, military intervention abroad.

“Do Fox executives think there’s a difference between having Hannity and Cheney host the show? What does that say about Hannity? And what does that say about Fox? asked Matt Gertz in the summer of 2012. These were all reasonable questions to ask in 2012, when there was little to differentiate Hannity, Cheney and most of the rest of the stable from Fox hosts. She was an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, going so far as to write – with her father, of course – a book haranguing the then-president for his surrender to Iran, his softness towards Russia and the creation of The Islamic State.

Cheney left Fox in 2014 to run for the Senate, seeking to unseat fellow Republican Mike Enzi. She would later retire from what became an acrimonious race. Two years later, when she ran to be Wyoming’s only member in the House of Representatives, Hannity won her back. “I’m on Team Cheney,” he told her when she appeared on his radio show. “I am a supporter…. You’ve been terrific in terms of holding Republicans accountable. You are a strong, solid and constant preserver. I don’t think you’ll ever give in on anything because that’s who you are. I look forward to talking to you throughout the campaign. Until Trump arrived on the scene, it was hard to quibble about that assessment. Hannity, unsurprisingly, changed her tune.

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