Boris Johnson quits despite not mentioning it in speech, minister insists

A Cabinet minister has insisted Boris Johnson is stepping down for good, despite not mentioning it in his Downing Street speech.

New Education Secretary James Cleverly said the public should “take this as read” when pressed on whether Johnson will step down.

Johnson has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party but wants to remain prime minister until a successor is found.

However, some senior Tories have called for Johnson to leave immediately and be replaced by an “interim” prime minister until a successor is chosen.

They fear the government could be paralyzed for months if Johnson remains in Downing Street.

Cleverly told Sky News: ‘There is no caretaker prime minister. In our system, there is a prime minister.

“He is stepping down as prime minister and party leader once a successor has been appointed. »

Cleverly said it was “fair” that Johnson had stepped down and called for a successor to be in place “quickly”.

In an unabashed resignation speech, Johnson denounced his MPs’ “eccentric” decision to oust him, saying “the herd instinct is powerful” and “when it moves, it moves”.

Separately, Cleverly called claims about Johnson’s Checkers wedding party “media speculation” and said he had not received an invitation.

It comes amid reports that the Johnsons are planning a Checkers wedding party this summer.

The couple married in a low-key private ceremony at Westminster Cathedral last year and planned to hold a bigger celebration in 2022, when coronavirus restrictions would likely be eased.

They reportedly sent date saver cards to family and friends for the July 30 celebration.

When asked if he had received an invitation, he replied, “No.

“So the fact is it’s very, very clear we’re here to serve the British people, it’s also very clear we’re doing that until the new Prime Minister is in place, and that’s is what he does personally. ”

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