Biden’s Ministry of Truth is alive and well

The Ministry of Truth is doing its best to control the narrative on behalf of the failing White House, and it’s chilling to see the thought police regulating the exchange of ideas in real time.

As reported by post-millennium Katie Daviscourt, TPUSA correspondent and ambassador, Facebook has interfered with President Biden’s failing economic agenda by imposing a “fact check” on one of the country’s most accomplished American economists.

Without mincing words, Phil Magness, senior faculty member and director of research and education at the American Institute for Economic Research, tweeted bluntly that a recession is defined as two quarters of negative GDP growth. .

This is unauthorized speech, according to the Ministry of Truth, and decided to flag his tweet with a disclaimer. Magness wasn’t about to take this without raising her voice even louder, however, and delivered one of the biggest responses to online censorship I’ve seen recently.

“We live in an Orwellian hell”, Magness retorted. “Facebook is now fact-checking anyone who questions White House puns.” I’m going to have to incorporate “hell” into more of my daily conversations because – if I’m being honest – that’s probably the best way to describe much of the state of our economy, national security, foreign policy, energy supply, stock market… you get the picture.

Plus, Magness’s response is exactly the kind of reaction every American should have – conservative or liberal. Your ideas deserve debate, because good ideas deserve attention. Simply turning off your microphone or banning your tweets or social media accounts completely destroys the dignity your ideas deserve in a serious company. You should not censor your ideas for fear of backlash, and no one should be allowed to do so on your behalf against your will.

The fact that Facebook is choosing to censor the Magness sighting is also a sign that this leftist New World Order simply doesn’t care about your pain. The economy is tough for virtually every American right now — and you’ll be censured for even admitting it.

“The economy is doing well!” they will force you to believe. Worse still, the social media giants will censor you if you dare to admit that’s just not the case. You are not allowed to criticize the way your life is being ruined, how they ruin it.

With this administration, globalist sensibilities matter more than your actual pain. The smiles, the calm demeanor, the goofy old man in the presidential suit…these are all hallmarks of a tough program that has no patience for your grumbling for food, electricity, air conditioning, safe quarters, retirement accounts or a dollar worth working for.

You witness by force the drama of a globalist experience. You are an audience watching your life wasted on stage by actors who have no soul mate for you. And, you have to laugh watching this happen every time your new left lords raise cards from the queue.

What phrase am I looking for that best describes this new reality… I would say: “Orwellian hellscape”.

It’s time for America to stand up and fight back. Stop asking yourself, “What do I have to lose?” because, at this stage, the government is listening and anticipating your response! Let whatever you consider worth defending and preserving be your motivation to defend your values ​​– and you better make it known.

We should never have let the left topple our statues, including our virtual statues. When the left censored the incumbent US president on Twitter, that was when conservatives should have risen up. But they censored it online and then started destroying the rest of our cultural icons.

It was the “warning shot” that went too far, but we all let it go. Honestly, I don’t think anyone thought we would lose as much as we have – that we would really be dealing with an “Orwellian hell”. Who would have believed it ? This collective denial is evident when you look at the outcry from conservatives even now. Censorship is so contrary to who we are as Americans that we cannot understand.

But no matter, one by one we lost our statues, our comedians, our teachers and our coaches.

Really, what we lost was the First Amendment. We have lost the right to speak. When the president was silenced, we all lost our freedom of speech by proxy. Who would dare to agree with a president who himself cannot speak? The bans logically followed one another, and now… here we are. We live in a hellscape of our own inaction.

If you ask me, all this do we have to lose. So be the next Phil Magness. And if you can’t be a world-class economist, at least be a red-blooded American patriot. I can guarantee it’s probably more important anyway.

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Jobob joined TPUSA as a contributor after nearly a decade working as a political consultant and director of communications for various political campaigns across the country. In 2021, he decides to step out of the backstage of the world of political advice and lands a spot as the host of Daily Caller Live w/ Jobob on the Daily Caller platforms. His deadpan and often sarcastic take on the daily news is an attempt to bring some levity and humor to an otherwise dismal news cycle. His goal is to help bring a largely absent comedic element to the conservative movement that he hopes can appeal to Americans who fall into his preferred cultural category; conservatives who do not yet know that they are conservatives. Hailing from California, you’ll probably hear words like “guy,” “thrilled,” and “totally” more from him than any other commentator. And most of the time, it will push the boundaries of “business casual”. Besides “making jokes about the news,” he enjoys spending time with his wife, Crystal, playing music, acting, and trying to be a less horrible golfer.

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