Biden’s Covid symptoms have improved, White House doctor says

“His words were, ‘I feel great,'” Dr Jha said. “No change in symptoms. Again, the kind of dry cough, runny nose, those were his two main things he was feeling yesterday.

The White House has in the past taken extraordinary measures to protect the president, although in recent months Mr Biden has resumed a more normal presidential schedule.

Dr Jha said the president was being closely monitored for any signs of worsening of his symptoms, including the possibility of an effect on his lungs, which can be one of the most dangerous complications of a coronavirus infection. because Covid is primarily a respiratory disease.

So far, Dr Jha said, there were no such signs.

“His personal physician is also consulting with infectious disease experts across the country, this is part of the plan of what we always planned to do if the president were infected,” Dr Jha said. “And so he gets very regular check-ins and, of course, he meets people all day, on the phone and on Zoom and so there are a lot of eyes on him.”

Dr Jha also played down the risks that the president could develop so-called “long Covid”, where symptoms persist for weeks, months or longer. He used a question about this possibility to extol the importance of vaccination.

“If you think about, you know, the proportion of people who end up having significant long-term symptoms, it’s very low and drops dramatically if you’ve been vaccinated and boosted, which this president has,” he said. he declares.

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