Biden is so obsessed with trans people he demands coverage of boob jobs for men

The Biden administration is obsessed with trans people. On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that essentially confuses gender identity with biological sex, stating that there is no difference under the law between a woman – who was born female – and a biological male who identifies as female. This retroactively rewrites the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity instead of protection on the basis of biological sex.

Biden’s orders said all federal agencies must find ways within their agency to be more trans-inclusive. The fallout has been far-reaching: the Department of Education has proposed changes to Title IX that would open up women’s sports to male athletes who identify as women, the Department of Agriculture has determined that school lunch programs free would be denied to States. which do not allow boys to use the girls’ washroom or access the girls’ locker room, and the language has been changed to eliminate gender-based relationship terms and replace them with non-gender-based terms, such as replacing “mother” with “biological parent”.

Now, Biden and his fellow ideologists at the Department of Health and Human Services have said health insurance companies must cover drugs and elective plastic surgeries that fall under the misleading term “gender-affirming care.”

Insurance companies generally do not cover elective surgeries, let alone elective plastic surgeries. Women, for example, who wish to appear more stereotypically feminine by increasing the size of their breasts, reducing the size of their nose, or removing a few ribs, will find that their insurance companies will absolutely not fund these surgeries.

Yet Biden’s HHS has found a solution to this dilemma. Instead of insisting that insurance companies fund all elective plastic surgeries, they determined that in the specific case of people who identify as transgender, it would be discriminatory not to do so. The new rule, tweeted by Rachel Levine, Biden’s White Male Diversity Hire, “prohibits discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, age and disability in certain programs and health activities”.

However, since Biden has previously said that there is no difference between gender identity and biological sex, and that is how his administration interpreted the Supreme Court’s decision in Bostock v. Claytonthis means that discrimination ensues when a man cannot access feminizing surgery on his own, as long as he claims he feels like a girl on the inside.

“The proposed rule,” writes HHS, “affirms protections against discrimination based on sex, including sexual orientation and gender identity, consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Bostock v. County of Clayton, and reiterates protections against discrimination for seeking reproductive health care services. And they cite Biden’s many ordinances on gender identity, such as preventing and addressing discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation, protecting access to reproductive health services, and promoting racial equity and supporting underserved communities.

However, the determination in Bostock, regarding employment, is that “An employer who terminates an individual for being homosexual or transgender terminates that person for traits or actions that he would not have blamed in members of a different sex. . Gender plays a necessary and indisputable role in the decision.

In the case of the HHS rule, requiring insurance companies to cover procedures and surgeries that they do not cover for the opposite sex would be to intentionally discriminate against women in favor of men who identify as women or men. women who identify as men. Women who identify as female and wish to appear more feminine would be denied the same procedures that men who wish to appear more feminine would have access to.

Is HHS considering requiring insurance companies to cover feminizing or masculinizing surgery for the same sex as well as the opposite sex? By their own logic, and the logic of Bostock decision, to do otherwise would be discriminatory.

Neither HHS nor Biden can see it, because they are absolutely obsessed with trans.

Addressing the nation in a pre-recorded speech in April 2022, on the New Trans Visibility Day, Biden said American parents must “affirm” their children and must believe their children when they say they feel ‘they should go through life resembling, as much as possible, the opposite sex. Although Biden likely has no idea what’s going on in gender transition, from genital mutilation to the effects of puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones, he has repeatedly urged parents, schools and federal agencies accept the propagated “affirmation” approach.

Meanwhile, none of this would have been possible had Biden not issued a directive stating that under the law there can be no difference between biological sex and gender identity. Biden, who has declared through his executive orders that he does not believe there is a difference between women and men who call themselves women, has created a most inequitable situation.

From now on, men will be able to benefit from breast augmentation surgeries financed by their insurers, unlike women. Men will be able to have elective plastic surgery to feminize their face and body, women will not. And men will be able to because Biden said it would be discrimination, contrary to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, not to perform these surgeries on men who request them.

For many, what Biden did by confusing gender identity with biological sex was just rhetoric, puns, language games. But instead, it was a very concrete undertaking with real consequences for our healthcare systems, as well as countless other areas of public life, from education to athletics to politics.

Written by:

Libby Emmons

Libby Emmons is the editor of The Post Millennial. MFA Columbia University, BA Sarah Lawrence College. It has been published in the New York Post, The Federalist, etc. @libbyemmons

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