Biden announces massive $33 billion package for Ukraine

President Joe Biden is asking Congress to greenlight a $33 billion package in military, humanitarian and economic aid to the Ukrainian government, he announced today.

“We said we would not send American troops to fight Russian troops in Ukraine, but we would provide robust military assistance and try to unify the Western world against Russian aggression,” Biden said during the speech. briefing to reporters at the White House. “The cost of this fight is not cheap, but giving in to aggression will cost more if we allow it to happen. »

Biden said the Russian assets of the oligarchs that were seized during previous sanctions on President Vladimir Putin’s regime and its sequel will partly fund the package for Ukraine and include essential medical and food assistance.

The president also denounced the increasingly threatening remarks on a nuclear war coming from the Kremlin.

“No one should make unnecessary comments about nuclear weapons,” Biden said. “The threats will not win. »

Biden has made it clear that this new request to Congress will ensure that weapons continue to flow into Ukraine without interruption, especially as the war in Ukraine’s Donbass region escalates.

“It will allow arms and ammunition to continue to flow uninterrupted to the brave Ukrainian fighters and to continue providing economic and humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people,” he said. “Thanks to the help we provided, the Russian forces were forced to withdraw from Kyiv. »

The gargantuan package is in addition to the more than four billion dollars the Biden administration has spent on arms transfers from the Pentagon to Ukraine, including artillery howitzers, rocket launchers, Javelin anti-tank weapons, helicopters, Stinger anti-aircraft systems, attack drones and thousands of rounds of ammunition, as well as military trainers and critical intelligence.

Ukraine’s war effort continues to defy all odds, as Ukraine’s military continues to resist the much larger and better-equipped Russia, a force that many experts considered the second most powerful military in the world after the United States before the invasion. The javelin in particular, an American weapon first developed for American soldiers in the 1980s, was used very effectively against Russian tanks and became a national symbol of Ukraine.

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