Beyoncé’s Renaissance Exit Gets More Secret

In a teaser she released for her upcoming ‘I’m That Girl’ video on Friday, the 40-year-old, 28-time Grammy Award winner gave audiences a very brief taste of many goofy music video styles for her seventh album. studio. .

In the teaser, she walks into a bar wearing a structured mirrored bodysuit, mirrored corset, and black minidress before tossing her hair on the bar as a horse stands beside her.

The 0:38 mark is an eye movement montage of several wild expressions as it displays a variety of themes for the upcoming visual album.

In one appearance, Bey looks like a disco ball, wearing a mirror cowboy hat and matching cat-eye sunglasses. In another, she sports a green mesh ski mask. In a third, she sports a goddess-like gold leaf halo and complementary lipstick.

Additionally, she becomes Cruella De Vil in a wide black hat with light shining through round slits and sparkles in a face full of glittering silver paint while wearing a mirrored helmet with faces cast all over it.

She peeks at a pair of black and white cat-eye sunglasses behind the red steering wheel in another shot that seems to suggest what fans believe is a “Telephone” prequel.

Beyoncé unveiled the video for “Break My Soul,” the song’s title track, this month, but her team previously said the decision to delay a full album release for Renaissance was a “move for change.” of culture”.

They said in a press release that they “decided to perform without images allowing fans to be endless in their vast listening journey” as the creator of the visual album format and most important visual artist. .

“It’s an opportunity to once again listen rather than watch while savoring every exquisite detail of the flawless production. Beyoncé hasn’t released a solo album in six years; Renaissance is the first of a three-part project.

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