Best travel deals in 2022 (UK)

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It’s travel season. From luxury beach vacations to getaways abroad to camping trips to national parks, now is the perfect time to start booking the trips you have planned in your head. But don’t break the bank doing it – grab one of these deals and keep more money in your pocket when you book your flights, hotels and more.

See the world without breaking the bank with a TravelHacker Premium Membership. This travel app automatically discovers cheap airfare deals for you, while also detecting reopening status and restrictions in 124 different countries and 3,800 airports worldwide. That way you can be in the know before you land – and you can spend more time packing and preparing than researching. Monitor thousands of flights departing from your home airport, discover rare offers you won’t find elsewhere (saving you an average of £100-£300 per ticket) and book directly with your flight booking site favorite (SkyScanner, Kiwi, Google flights, etc). Get a one-year subscription to this budget travel app for just £30.

Dollar Flight Club also alerts you to the best deals from your home airports, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on your next trip. With a Premium Plus subscription, you’ll enjoy lifetime access to all the best domestic offers, weekend getaways and mispricings from your home airports, plus benefits and discounts ranging from up to 50% off at DFC partners (including Babbel, Scribd, Huckberry, Lonely Planet, and more), access a wide variety of travel tips and instant alerts. It also covers Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class. Featured before, this is a £1,300 subscription that you can get for just £75.

Once your flight has been taken care of, it’s time to book your accommodation. Before you overpay for a luxury hotel, sign up for Trasava for just £152. It is an innovative booking platform that allows you to get a five-star hotel room for the price of a two-star hotel. You can also find deals on vacation rentals, luxury homes, cruises, car rentals, and more for up to 60% less than major travel sites. Trasava even promises to refund 110% of the difference if you find the same offer cheaper elsewhere. Even better, you’ll be rewarded for every pound you spend on your next offer. Save 50% on a one-year subscription and see for yourself how much money you have in your pocket.

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