Best episodes to watch before the Rob Zombie movie

Writer/director Rob Zombie has rebooted the classic sitcom The Munsters with a feature film set to receive a digital, Blu-ray and DVD release on September 27e (and will also come to the Netflix streaming service). Zombie has been keeping fans updated on the making of the film throughout production and post-production, and has already confirmed that some obscure characters from the show will appear in this film. The movie’s trailers are also full of sitcom Easter eggs… so we decided to put together a list of episodes to watch before September 27 to recognize these lesser-known characters and spot the Easter eggs. Below you will find the list The Munsters: Best episodes to watch before the Rob Zombie movie!


It’s not exactly one of the best episodes of The Munsters, but it was the episode with which CBS chose to introduce the Munsters to the world for the first time. So watching this one before watching the movie is kind of a “how did it start, how did it go” situation. This episode also offers one of only two opportunities on this list to see Beverley Owen play Marilyn, Herman and Lily’s niece. Owen played Marilyn for thirteen episodes before deciding to move on, and was replaced by Pat Priest (who makes an appearance in the Zombie film). In this episode, Marilyn’s new boyfriend invites his family to attend a masquerade organized by his parents… and things don’t go well.


Zombie has announced that Butch Patrick, who played little Eddie Munster in the original sitcom, will star as Tin Can Man in his film. In the show, Tin Can Man is a robot that Eddie and his grandfather created for the school science fair, assembling his limbs from tin cans and giving him a barrel of oil for a torso. Tin Can Man doesn’t do much, which makes him a weird character to bring back – but maybe Zombie always wanted to see him do more. It’s also a weird cameo to give Patrick, since he’ll be hidden under the robot suit, and while the new Tin Can Man’s voice is like the old one, his voice won’t be recognizable. If he hadn’t told us it’s Butch Patrick in there, we probably wouldn’t have noticed. Whoever played Tin Can Man on the show wasn’t even credited.


Irwin Charone only got about 1 minute of screen time as Lily’s werewolf brother Lester, but this episode sets him up as an interesting character. He’s portrayed as a bum and a “born loser” who’s gone bankrupt multiple times due to bad deals (he even helped promote Titanic at the time) – and the events of this episode happen because he asked Herman for a loan. of $5000. Tomas Boykin plays Lester in the Zombie movie and was probably given more fun material to work with than Charone was in his brief appearance. This episode also provides some interesting information about Lily, confirming that her maiden name is Dracula and revealing that she is 137 years old.


Just like Lester is to blame for what happens in Herman’s Rival, Uncle Gilbert kicks off the events of this episode by sending a crate containing $180,000 in gold coins to the Munsters, planning to catch up with the crate in a few days. In the meantime, a bank employee begins to seduce Marilyn Munster so that he can get his hands on this money. And just like Lester, Uncle Gilbert doesn’t show up until the final minutes of the episode. It’s worth waiting to see this Gillman (played by Richard Hale), who confirms that he is indeed the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Zombie shared footage of Uncle Gilbert on the set of his movie, but didn’t say who is playing the character.


We don’t know if the Drag-U-La race car will be featured in Zombie’s or not. The Munsters, but we do know Herman will be wearing a leather jacket with “The Punk Rods” on the back, which he wears when he goes for a run. But even though Drag-U-La isn’t in the movie, this episode is still worth watching, as it also inspired Zombie to release a song called “Dragula” in 1998. Long before Zombie dug in the ditches and burning through the witches of his Dragula, Grandpa Munster was driving his own Drag-U-La. It is only used in this episode of the series, but the vehicle was brought back in the 1966 film Munster, go home! (And Zombie recorded a commentary for the Blu-ray release of this film.)


Herman Munster works for Gateman, Goodbury and Graves Funeral Home in Mockingbird Heights, and Zombie revealed that the funeral home owners will be played by Jeremy Wheeling, Roderick Hill and Mark Griffith in his film. Only one of them was present in the sitcom: Mr. Gateman, interpreted by the legendary actor John Carradine. Often referenced, Mr. Gateman first appeared in the episode at Herman’s Raise — where he fires Herman for asking for a raise. This leads to Herman trying and failing several more jobs around town before Lily goes to see Mr. Gateman herself in an attempt to get Herman rehired. You might expect someone who fires Herman Munster for wanting a raise to be a rabid jerk, but Carradine actually plays it endearingly.


Judging from the trailer, it looks like Herman Munster will be singing in several scenes in the upcoming movie. It wouldn’t be surprising if he even turns out to be in a band called The Punk Rods. In the episode of the sitcom Will be Has success ruined Herman Munster?, Herman is a solo act who is blessed with a hit single when he records himself singing a munster-ized version of the old spiritual song “Dem Bones” (aka “Dry Bones”). Fearing success will ruin her husband, Lily dreams of Herman performing a song while wearing a leather jacket and cap – and there’s a shot in Zombie’s first full movie trailer that shows Herman singing along. scene while wearing a leather jacket and cap.


I’m a fan of several different horror hosts, and little Eddie Munster is a super fan of horror host Zombo. We know Zombo is in the Zombie movie, but we don’t know who is playing him. In this episode of the sitcom, the character was played by Louis Nye, and Eddie was fascinated by the macabre goofball because he thought he was a real monster. Just like his relatives. But Zombo is a fake, he’s just a regular guy with prosthetics and makeup on his face. Zombo got a bit more screen time on the show than characters like Lester and Uncle Gilbert, and it’s clear why he would appeal to Zombie so much that he put him in the movie as well.


John Carradine reprises the role of Mr. Gateman for the character’s second of two on-screen appearances. In it, Mr. Gateman disturbs the peace of the Munster house by suggesting that Eddie join the school band. Herman is so desperate to impress his boss that he forces Eddie to pick up an instrument…and Grandpa is so annoyed by the sound of Eddie’s practice sessions that he decides to concoct a spell to deal with it. musical mess. As usual, the fate does not go as planned. But at least Grandpa’s interference leads to Carradine having a little more to do as Mr. Gateman in this episode than he had in Herman’s Rise. And he comes to the Munsters on Mockingbird Lane in this one!


We started this list with a “how did it start, how did it go” episode, so might as well wrap it up along the same lines. But it’s the other way around. Since the Zombie movie is going to show us how Herman and Lily first met, that’s “how it all started.” With the happy 100th birthday episode, we can then look forward to see how it goes after Herman and Lily have been married for a hundred years. In the end, they have exactly the kind of miscommunications and misunderstandings you’d expect from a couple in the midst of a sitcom. But they’re also still deeply in love with each other, all these years later. At least we already know the Zombie movie will have a very happy ending.

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