Bernie Sanders launches a new meme with the photo of the Capitol Hill steps

Bernie Sanders relaunches the meme machine – this time posing in the dead of summer and looking tired while working hard…a cliche worth a thousand words.

The Vermont senator was pictured lying on the steps of Capitol Hill on Sunday, where he looked a bit exhausted after a marathon work day known as Vote-a-Rama … where members and congresswomen spend hours debates/votes on legislation.

According to the photographer, journalist Kent Nishimurathe Senate was entering its 13th hour of the nightly marathon when this photo was taken…and as you can imagine, it caught fire.

For starters, some say it makes a great album cover…if BS was in music. Others say he looks a lot like the “School of Rock” cartoon, Bill, from the famous “I’m Just a Bill” sketch, where the rolled-up paper figure is also lying on the steps of the Capitol.

In other words…it’s just a great (and hilarious) photo, perhaps as memorable as his other famous photo from 2021 when he was captured tucked in a sweater and mittens at Biden’s inauguration. …which also put the internet ablaze with jokes in the wazoo.

This seems like the summer version…and funny enough, it’s kind of the exact opposite vibe from his mittens meme. Bernie tries to beat the heat and let it all hang out.

BTW there’s actually some serious business going on inside…including votes on amendments to Bidenof the Cut Inflation Act — a major climate change/tax spending program — which Bernie actually opposed without some major changes.

His proposed amendments, however, were defeated in roll-call votes and the bill eventually passed. He is now heading towards the Chamber, where he should also pass.

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