Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son drives a rental Lamborghini in a parked car

Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son Samuel went into deep water after appearing to drive a rental Lamborghini into a parked car.

A viral video shared by TMZ showed the actor letting his son take the wheel of the fast-paced supercar with Jennifer Lopez sitting in the back. Somehow he backed up, appearing to make light contact with a BMW.

The actor and boy can be seen checking for damage, but Affleck’s rep told the gossip site there was none. The photos showed Affleck having a lively conversation with employees and comforting Samuel with a hug as Lopez apparently tapped on his phone.

777 Exotics, a luxury car rental company in Los Angeles, confirmed there was no damage.

” When [Samuel] got in the car, he drove back and forth,” an employee told the New York Post. “We have a small field and the cars are close. »

The dealership told ET there was “no accident” at all, but that seemed to contradict the reaction of one employee, Affleck and his son.

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