Beck crushes Harvey at fundraiser in NDP leadership race

As the cash advance gives Beck the upper hand, a professor says the numbers may indicate the party is closed.

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NDP leadership candidate Carla Beck has raised more than five times as much money as challenger Kaitlyn Harvey, signaling she has the upper hand as the race enters the home stretch.

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According to recently released NDP financial information, Beck raised about $57,360 at the end of April, compared to $10,760 for Harvey. Beck also leads with 218 total donors at Harvey’s 40.

While Harvey started the campaign about a month after Beck, political analysts say Beck’s cash advance gives him an edge, allowing him to spend more on advertising or travel.

“This clearly gives Beck the upper hand in terms of her ability to get her messages across to party members and further strengthens her as a leader,” University of Regina political science professor Tom McIntosh said in an interview. Monday.

“If you have more money, it helps,” added Daniel Westlake, professor of political science at the University of Saskatchewan.

Diving deeper into the financial situation shows that Beck has received larger donations from unions, businesses, caucus members and those whom McIntosh considers “progressive leading figures.”

For example, CUPE Saskatchewan and CUPE National each donated $5,000 to Beck. His campaign also received $2,500 from Saskatchewan. Building trades, $2,000 from Eden Investments and $1,500 from Prairie Dog Construction.

The list of caucus members who have opened their wallets for Beck include MPs Nicole Sarauer ($1,100.99), Aleana Young ($1,022) and Trent Wotherspoon ($1,000).

By comparison, Harvey received four donations over $250. The largest donation of $4,500 came from her mother, Val Harvey. She also received $680 from former Saskatoon MPP Cathy Sproule.

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Beck’s campaign manager, Kent Peterson, said in an emailed statement that Beck’s cash advance shows that “the campaign is being driven by new members who have never donated to the party before and longtime party members.

“The many individual donations to the campaign from across the province make it clear that Carla’s campaign is resonating with people and building a grassroots movement focused on growing our party, beating weary Sask. party government and delivery for the people of Saskatchewan,” he added.

Harvey’s campaign team said the leadership contest took place over a “very short period”.

“The amount of money our campaign has raised since then is, in part, a reflection of that fact,” the campaign team said in an email. “However, we knew at the start of the campaign that we needed to use a small-scale fundraising approach and do our best to be creative in our approach. »

While Beck may have the upper hand, McIntosh said his fundraising numbers and donor list could signal to others that “the party is kind of closed to those who aren’t already inside the party.” attempted “.

Like most left-leaning political parties, he said the NDP generally had tensions between the “union left” and the “social movement left.” He said it often turns into “insiders” versus “outsiders.”

“In this case, Beck is clearly the ‘insider’ and Harvey is the ‘outsider’,” he said.

This puts Beck in a position where she must show the general public that she can be a competitor against Premier Scott Moe, McIntosh added.

For Harvey, he said she needed to convince members she could compromise to keep the party united and ready to govern.

The NDP chooses its next leader on June 26.

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