“BACK TO REALITY”…Catturd™ Takes Hillary Clinton & Her Ridiculous Tweet Thanking Biden For A Lot Of RAD APART Stuff Point By Point Brutal

What is Hillary Clinton smoking?!

We understand what she and other leftists/democrats are trying to do here with half truths and pretending that the bill they are trying to pass will not destroy our economy, raise our taxes and won’t decimate our energy independence, but come on, how stupid does she think we really are?

Ok, cross that out, she panders to other leftists/democrats who she thinks make a bag of rocks look smart.

Look at this nonsense.

  • We still haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels with job creation, so no, no jobs have been created.
  • Many Americans are working more than one job just to keep up with Biden’s inflation.
  • There are currently 3.25 million fewer people in the labor force.
  • Gasoline prices were at an all-time high, and even with prices dropping, we’re still paying a lot more than we were the day before Sleepy Joe took office.

Yeah, thanks a hole.

Catturd™ said it much better:

Oh yeah, almost 100,000 new IRS agents.

It’ll be fun.

And never will be.

It’s like the Democrats breaking both of our legs and then trying to get us to thank you for calling 9-1-1.



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