Audrey Roloff writes parenthood gibberish, gets roasted good

Audrey Roloff really can’t keep quiet, can she?

The former Little People, Big World star has often gone wild on social media, usually to her detriment, portraying herself as someone who knows absolutely everything about motherhood and marriage.

Heck, she and her husband, Jeremy, wrote an entire book about the so-called secrets of a healthy relationship.

They seem like a happy couple, so, hey, more power to them.

But critics have grown rather sick and very tired of Audrey’s pompous attitude.

Take a confusing new message, for example.

Earlier this week, the mother-of-three uploaded an image that showed her planting a kiss on her young son Radley’s head…as she sat perched in a field.

Not much in itself, certainly. Sweet, even.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff in Hawaii

Audrey, however, then wrote a whole bunch of nonsense that she probably thought was helpful and profound.

“I was listening to an audiobook about motherhood tonight and felt inclined to share this quote with you guys,” Roloff wrote to open a lengthy caption.

“Social media can be a tough space for moms…it’s so easy to start fighting for literally everything you see a mom doing and not doing.

“So here’s this.”

1659027510 832 Audrey Roloff writes parenthood gibberish gets roasted good

The author and podcast host then launched into her quote recitation as follows:

“Anything you see me doing well is either the result of a natural personality tendency or years of the Lord molding my weakness into something that most closely resembles the way I was designed so unique to reflect its image.”

Uhhhh, come back, Audrey?

This was the general reaction of observers who pored over these words – and couldn’t make sense of them.

1659027511 943 Audrey Roloff writes parenthood gibberish gets roasted good

“Word salad gibberish,” one follower remarked, while another added:

“It just screams narcissistic. It’s like she wants everyone to tell her what a great job she does / she makes it look so easy / I didn’t know you had a hard time, kind of answers.

And then a Reddit user chimed in with:

“I don’t know which is grittier, living your life on social media or preaching about religion when it comes to your social media posts. Annoying.”

Audrey Roloff and Radley

Audrey, who rarely goes a week without triggering some kind of furor from social media users, recently announced that she and Jeremy have bought their own farm.

“We bought a farm! And look what’s in our garden. Yes, this is our trestle,” she announced on June 12.

“If you’ve read our book (or even just looked at the cover lol) you know the importance this train trestle has played in our love affair and our lives.

“That’s where Jer asked me to be his girlfriend, that’s where he asked me to marry him, that’s where we took the photo for the cover of our best -seller of the New York Times, and it’s within walking distance of my parents’ property.”

1659027517 158 Audrey Roloff writes parenthood gibberish gets roasted good

She concludes at the time:

“We have a lot of work to do to achieve our vision, but Jer and I are thrilled to finally have some space to get our feet dirty (literally) and realize our land use dreams.

“I will be sharing more of the story behind how this happened soon.

“But for now, I just want to say thank you for being someone who has followed us on this journey for the past two years and offered encouragement and prayers as we patiently searched for land for our family”

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