Appreciation! Captains Pawandeep Rajan, Salman Ali and others have teamed up to sponsor the education of THIS Super Singer 2 contestant

Bombay: Super Singer 2 contestant Soyab’s captain Pawandeep Rajan and the other captains promised to fulfill Soyab’s dream of completing his education by supporting him financially.

Deeply moved by Soyab’s story, Captain Salman added, “When I also started my singing journey, even my conditions weren’t that good and since we both come from the same place, I also know what you are going through. But I want to tell you that the platform you are on today has so much power to change your future; and I’m sure everything will soon change for you, that too for the good.

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Turning his pain into strength, Soyab delivered a touching performance with his captain as they continued to sing ‘Arziyaan’. Their performance created magic on stage leaving everyone mesmerized especially the original singer of the song i.e. Judge Javed Ali.

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After hearing this side of his story, the judges and captains had tears in their eyes. Judge Alka Yagnik said, “A person’s wealth or poverty is determined by his heart. You are a beautiful soul that makes you rich at heart. This new team on Superstar Singer 2 is your family. We will support you all in education so that you can achieve all your dreams and give your family a better life. This show is just the beginning of your beautiful tomorrow.

This beautiful moment created on stage and the sweet gesture of the captains show how this Superstar Singer 2 team has now truly become a Great Indian Joint Family.

Credit: ETimes

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