Apple Store Gift Cards [What is it? – How to use? – Reviews]

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Apple has released Apple Store Gift Cards which users can get for use on Apple’s online Apple Store. The Apple Gift Card comes in $10, $15, $25 and $50 denominations. These Apple Gift Cards are not physical cards, but instead they can be purchased through the Apple website and sent to a person by email through Apple’s system.

These Apple Gift Cards will also work towards other Apple products such as the iPod and iPad along with others that are available at the Apple store. This is a great way for customers to purchase iPhones or Macs without having to put it on their personal credit card.

Apple says these new Apple Gift Cards will make great stocking stuffers this holiday season because of its ease of use and availability via email. Apple also says Apple Gift Cards will make great last minute holiday gift ideas because of its ease of use and availability via email.

The Apple Gift Card is competitively priced with other popular gift cards like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Best Buy. Apple customers can purchase directly from Apple’s online Apple Store or through the Apple iPhone application available in the iTunes store. These Apple Gift Cards are valid for purchases made through December 2011 at any Apple retail store across the nation in $10, $15, $25and $50 denominations.

Apple Store Gift Cards

You receive an Apple Gift Card for your birthday or as a holiday gift. How do you use it?

How to Use Your Apple Gift Card?

Apple Store Gift Cards can be used in retail and online stores. Visit the store locator to find out which one is closest to you: . This article will explain how to use your Apple Store Gift Card at an Apple Retail Store:

1 – Bring the plastic card and the original purchase receipt (this could also be an email confirmation received after making a purchase online). The card has 16 digits on the back.

apple 16 digits on the back

2 – Once you’re at the store, let a Specialist know that you would like to use your Apple Store Gift Card. They will ask you for your name and a card number in order to look up your purchase history. You can also provide them with the numbers on the back of the plastic card.

3 – If there are matching points available in your account, they will be deducted from your purchase total. You can add more funds to this Apple Store Gift Card by going online or stopping by an Apple Retail Store! Visit to manage your Apple Store Gift Card.

4 – Visit , sign in, and click on “Gift Cards” to see your available balance:

How do you use an Apple Gift Card at another retailer?

Since it’s not their branded gift card, the store may put restrictions on how much can be redeemed toward a purchase or what can be purchased at all. For example, some stores will only accept up to 1 as a single transaction with this gift card, but other stores allow for more . Ask a Specialist for more details if you have questions.

How do you use an Apple Gift Card with the Apple Store App?

If you’re shopping on your phone, just select “Scan” to scan the bar code on the back of this card. You don’t need to enter any numbers or other information. You’ll see how much money is left on this card as you shop! Just be sure to sign in so that this card can be added to your stored payment methods under “Wallet & Apple Pay”!

How do you check the balance on an Apple Gift Card from the Wallet app?

Reminder: If this gift card is associated with your Apple ID, then it can be added to your Wallet app. Just be sure to sign in so that this card can be added to your stored payment methods under “Wallet & Apple Pay”! How to check the balance in Wallet:

1. Open your Wallet app and tap on this gift card

2. If there is a balance, it will be shown toward the top of the screen

How do you use an Apple Gift Card with Apple Pay?

Simply tap your phone on the contactless reader while holding down Touch ID/your iPhone’s Home button until you feel a vibration or hear a sound. You don’t need to open up any apps! Here are some other benefits of using Apple Pay:

• It protects your account number from being shared when you shop online at participating retailers.

• You can keep track of recent transactions and get transaction details with ease. How to use Apple Pay:

• Open Wallet on your iPhone, select “Apple Store Gift Card” then hold the back of your phone near the contactless reader until you see Done and a checkmark appear on screen or hear a sound.

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Apple Gift Card Customer Reviews

Customers have given Apple Gift Card reviews about several unique Apple devices. Apple, as a company, is truly committed Apple Gift Card reviews . They want Apple to be one of the leading companies Apple Gift Cards can find in the Apple industry Apple Gift Cards has been known to always keep their loyal customers Apple Gift Card reviews Apple brand continues to grow and expand into Apple markets everywhere around the world.

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