Andrew Yang forms new ‘transformational’ political party

Founded by former Democrat and presidential candidate Andrew Yang, the party was born out of a merger between the current Forward Party, the Renew America Movement and the Serve America Movement.

“We unite across all political walks of life to create the launch pad for a transformational American political party under one name: Forward,” they wrote in a statement.

“Democrats, Republicans and Independents are joining forces,” they continued, saying the party will be “a political home for the majority of Americans who want to move beyond the age of division and inactive politicians — so that our government begins to work”. Again.”

“Forward celebrates diversity of perspective and creativity, strives to truly improve communities, and focuses on uniting people around common-sense solutions to foster: free people”, “thriving communities” and a “vibrant democracy”.

The official launch of the party will take place in Houston on September 24 as part of a national registration tour, with the first national convention scheduled for summer 2023.

As Reuters reports, Yang and former New Jersey Republican Governor Christine Todd Whitman will co-chair the party in its early stages.

However, they face an uphill battle, given the apparent inability of third parties to have a meaningful impact on the American political system.

Some worry that the Forward Party, like the Green Party in 2000, will siphon more votes from Democrats, giving Republicans an edge.

Despite the skepticism, Yang said he had high hopes for the future, given Americans’ growing anger at “political extremes”.

This article originally appeared on The Post Millennial.

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