An Audience With Roger Chapman: ‘I Could Sing My Ass As A Kid’

“I’m just moving inside,” says Roger Chapman, as a sudden thunderstorm hits the veranda of her home in south-west London. “I don’t want to blow myself up, I’m too young!” »

Chappo may be 80 now, but he still has a lot to give. Invigorating from last year life in the pond together, created with the help of his former Family group mate John “Poli” Palmerfound him scolding colorful warnings about ” two-faced hypnocrats”, “big mouths hungry for the limelight” and one “devil on your shoulder”. He would love to perform the album live but has to overcome some health issues first. “Since the release of the album, I have undergone two or three operations, he reveals. “I had the Covid twice! And I need another operation before I can think of going on stage. Things have to be put away, so to speak. Spinal issues, neuro stuff, so it gets pretty tough sometimes. But I would love to get back on stage, that’s for sure. I can still sing!

In fact, he joined Polite last week for a workshop on new hardware. Although he doesn’t have any kind of songwriting routine — “I’ve never done any,” he admits — the lyrics still flow, the Hypnocrats certainly giving him plenty to complain about. “Sometimes it gets too difficult, so I have to be careful! »

Your new album sounds pretty fiery, especially on “Green As Guacamole”. Is this kind of anger at “the state of things” a good incentive to make music?

Malcolm Taylor, Kettering

Yeah. If I sit and think about those motherfuckers on the news, I get pretty damn twisted. To be honest, I’ve never really written songs like this, not for many years anyway. And I’m really glad I did, because it gets it out of your system. And maybe it’ll inspire someone else to see what bunch of fakes we got. There can’t be many who believe in them, can there? Jesus Christ. I’ve already left, you see! I don’t want to preach too much, but basically those are my thoughts. Much of the delivery [of the songs] depends on how angry I am. Or how not I’m mad. If I want to, I can make any type of melody aggressive, but I also hope I have the know-how to make a piece soft.

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