American curling legend Matt Hamilton cuts his famous hair for charity

Matt HamiltonThe famous locks of are no longer there – the American curling legend just cut them… but don’t worry, he was cut for a VERY good cause!!

TMZ Sports learned… Hamilton – who won a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics – visited a Great Clips salon in Madison, Wisc. Friday in order to cut off her lavish hair and donate it to children who have lost their hair due to medical issues.

It’s a big gift from Hamilton…considering Matt has had long hair for FOUR years. And, we are told that when cut, it had grown to over a foot in length!!

Hamilton also got the cup to help raise awareness and fund brain cancer research.

As for how the good deed turned out aesthetically…look at the before and after – Hamilton looks good to us!

Kudos to the 33-year-old for the awesome gesture… and if anyone wants to follow in his generous footsteps, check out The Hamilton Campaign.

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