Amber Heard claims juror who sided with Depp fraudulently sat on panel

Amber HeardLawyers have just filed new documents, further detailing their claim that one of the jurors misled the court by impersonating the person actually summoned.

The new documents claim that a jury summons went to a home in Virginia where 2 people with the same name reside. The document says the person summoned is 77, but the person who actually showed up for jury service is 52.

Now the docs say the two people share the same last name. It looks like they have to share the first name as well, because it would be a big red flag for the court if the first names were different. The document does not mention the first name.

Either way, Amber’s lawyers say it was a fraud in court because the 52-year-old should never have served on the jury, but he apparently wanted to.

As you know, this juror, as well as the others, all took sides for Johnny Depp on his libel suit… in Virginia, a unanimous verdict is required.

Amber’s lawyers cry foul and want The verdict quashed and a new trial ordered.

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