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Splaton 3 is on the way, and we’ve learned an overabundance of information about the upcoming Switch exclusive thanks to a new Nintendo Direct. The colorful ink-based third-person shooter is set to feature a variety of new weapons to spill the ink and mark each player’s territory in multiplayer matches called Splatfests. It will also include the wacky arms of the previous two Splatoon games too.

The Splatoon The series is all about using intriguing weapons to spread a variety of rainbow-colored ink to mark your territory and essentially “splatter” enemies to defeat them when playing single player. There’s a little something for everyone, many of which are inspired by real-life painting tools, including a huge paint roller that spreads ink at ridiculously fast speeds.

New Splaton 3 The weapons are sure to be a draw for fans, as they include wiper blade-shaped Splatanas and arc-shaped Stringers, much closer to realistic shooting weapons. They should add some interesting offensive dimensions to the game, especially since they have first and second fire modes and charge abilities that can turn the game around if used correctly.

On the hunt for all new weapons in Splaton 3? Check out the list below and get ready to hang out with the big squids when the game debuts.

Splatoon 3 will feature a slew of new weapons as well as the same arsenal seen in the last two games.

Splaton 3: All new and old weapons in Splaton 3

Some of the highlights of the new crop Splaton 3 weapons include Splatanas, a new type of offensive weapon that will include the Splatana Wiper. It looks like a windshield wiper, only you’ll be “wiping” ink towards your enemies as it rapidly squirts ink. Charge it and it will trigger a Charged Slash.

New Stringer weapons are controlled like regular bow and arrow weapons. They are found specifically in the Splatlands region. Use them for rapid-fire bow and arrow blasts, or charge them up for a powerful ink blast.

There’s also a set of special weapons, like the Tacticooler drink cooler which grants buffs, the Wave Breaker marker which unleashes waves to find players on the map, and the Reefslider, which allows players to reload and then use a slam attack in a special area.

Here are the new weapons that will be available in Splaton 3:

  • Splatanas / Splatana Wiper
  • big bubbler
  • trizooka
  • wave breaker
  • reef slider
  • Tri-Stringer/Stringer
  • ink vacuum cleaner
  • crab tank
  • Triple ink stroke
  • killer moan 5.1
  • Zipcaster
  • tacticcooler
  • angle shooter

Splaton 3: All Splatoon and Splaton 2 Weapons

The following weapons first appeared in Splatoon and Splaton 2. They will reappear in Splaton 3as confirmed by Splaton 3 Introducing Nintendo Direct.

  • Shooter
  • Lower
  • Splashes
  • Round
  • Duals
  • Try Missiles
  • blaster
  • Roll
  • Brush
  • Inkjet
  • ink storm
  • Ultra Stamp
  • Booyah Bombs
  • Charger
  • Flash bombs
  • curling bombs
  • exploded bombs
  • suction bombs
  • Splash walls

Splaton 3 will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on September 9th.

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