Airbnb launched its gift card service in the UK

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Let us start this article by highlighting key information about Airbnb:

Airbnb is a privately held company, headquartered in San Francisco and founded in August 2008. The website allows people to rent out their rooms or apartments (in various cities world wide) and it has over 10 million listings in 34 000 cities across 191 countries.

Airbnb launched its gift card service in the UK

Airbnb also offers other short term home-rental services such as ‘experiences’ and ‘rides’.

AirBnB currently accepts 11 different payment methods. They are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover Network, Diner’s Club, UK bank transfer, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Host-requested payment (coming soon to the USA) and Cash.

Airbnb launched its gift card service in the UK

Airbnb launched its gift card service in the UK . The cards are available for £25 and £50 denominations, with an additional fee of 20 pence per card. The cards can be redeemed on Airbnb services only (not flights or hotels). They cannot be used for regular paper bills either – only online transactions via any device are allowed. The cards can be purchased by UK AirBnB users only. There is no way to purchase them using Foreign currencies; they can however still be received as gifts from non-UK AirBnB users.

Airbnb gift cards can be used as a form of payment on the UK version of AirBnB from now on. Users will have to purchase cards worth £25 or £50, and then use those cards as a method of payment for any AirBnB transactions over that amount. The gift card purchases come with a 20p surcharge per card, but they cannot be redeemed for regular paper bills – only online payments are allowed. They will not work outside the UK either, so non-UK residents won’t be able to give them away as gifts.

This move by Airbnb seems to be part of an increasing competition between different e-commerce companies offering alternative payments mechanisms. In addition to this, the success of card based gifts payments over cash donations is being highlighted within the non-profit sector.

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