Aid dilemma for Congress

The new aid to Ukraine is linked to a fight against the pandemic and immigration policy. CQ Roll Call’s David Lerman and Peter Cohn explain the tangle of additional funding and assess the outlook for fiscal 2023 appropriations, a scaled-back ‘Build Back Better’ measure and more.

Show Notes:

  • Biden asks Congress for $33 billion in Ukraine aid
  • Aid to Ukraine and aid to the pandemic likely to be combined in the Senate
  • Help for restaurants, businesses face headwinds from Senate
  • Senators revive bipartisan talks on immigration
  • Biden plans to use Russian money to rebuild Ukraine
  • Biden’s move to border opens split among Senate Democrats
  • Judge Stops Ending Title 42 Borders Deportation Policy
  • Senators say the Pentagon must do more to help Ukraine defeat Russia
  • House passes $55 billion aid package for restaurants and other businesses

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