After Roe v. Wade Reversal, readers flock to publications aimed at women

She expects the website to be able to keep its readers engaged amidst the ever-changing terrain of abortion access and the midterm elections looming in November.

“It’s not like we’re reporting the same thing day after day, week after week, it’s like an evolving beast, so I don’t see it dying out anytime soon,” Ms Bassett said. “I think this will continue to be the most important story in this country for some time to come.”

Jessica Valenti, a feminist writer and author, has been focused for the past few weeks on providing a daily roundup of abortion-related updates to readers of her newsletter Substack, All in Her Head, after hearing many people feel overwhelmed by the torrent of news across the country.

“It occurred to me that trying to distill everything that was going on at the state level, at the national level, these random local stories, would be helpful and give people that big picture that they were looking for without having to spend hours online,” she said in an interview.

Ms Valenti, co-founder of the now-closed Feministing blog, said that since the Supreme Court ruling, the number of free subscribers to her newsletter had increased by more than 30%, while the number of paid subscribers had increased. jumped 70%. .

She said she believes people sign up for paid memberships because it gives them access to a community where people can talk to each other and empathize without the online harassment that often accompanies other social platforms.

“Right now people are so angry,” Ms Valenti said. “They want a place that rages with them.”

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