Adele is set to finalize a deal to move her residence to Planet Hollywood

Adele is set to finalize a deal to bring his Vegas residency to a new home… with the goal of a premiere date in a few months.

Sources with direct knowledge of the singer’s plans have told TMZ … that she and her team are in serious talks with the folks at Planet Hollywood and will do the show at the Zappos Theater — barring any unforeseen setbacks.

As we reported, Adele was supposed to do a residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace earlier this year – but the show was derailed and canceled after what she first claimed was a COVID outbreak, but then it emerged that the postponement was really about creative issues.

Our sources say Adele will have major benefits at Zappos…she will have full creative control over the show. And, get it, we’re told Adele will also rake in a sizable share of ticket sales – a significant improvement considering Zappos holds 7,000 people compared to the Colosseum’s 4,100.

As for dates, the official schedule is still being worked out, but the aim is for a late summer start that will continue through the end of 2022 – that makes sense given she has recently revealed that she wants to have a baby in 2023.

You’d think there might be some bad blood between the Colosseum and Zappos with Adele – but both locations are under the Caesars Entertainment family – so it’s all good.

Adele has spent the last few months with her boyfriend rich paultaking NBA Games and even passing to a london gay bar to have fun.

One thing is for sure – fans will be more than ready to pounce on tickets – and pay a pretty penny to catch the singer in real life.

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