Activists derail LA City Council meeting on homeless encampments

Activists derailed a Los Angeles City Council meeting on Tuesday to protest an effort to ban homeless encampments from school properties and immediate areas, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Chaos erupted after a protester accused a member of the city council; police apprehended that person and tackled another activist, and at least one person was arrested, according to the LA Times. Activists yelled at council members and police before police declared the meeting an unlawful assembly.

The scene unfolded during the public comment period for the city council’s efforts to ban people from sleeping, lying down or storing property within 500 feet of all public and private schools and daycares, according to the LA Times. Los Angeles already bans it for some schools, and the city council voted for it last week but had to go to a second vote because it wasn’t unanimous.

Protesters described the move as hostile to the homeless and urged the city council to repeal existing city law banning sleeping and storing property around some schools. (RELATED: Rep. Maxine Waters Tells Homeless People to ‘Go Home’)

Various photos and videos shared online show the room filled with protesters, some holding signs and psalmody “house keys and not handcuffs” while at least eight officers, some of whom had partial face shields, reunited before the members of the council.

Council Speaker Nury Martinez said the events brought the city closer to the Capitol Riots on Jan. 6, 2021, according to the LA Times. (RELATED: Video shows latest attack in flare-up of violence against LA homeless people)

“We cannot legislate in fear,” she told the outlet. “I definitely won’t.”

Police said the meeting was an unlawful assembly and the city council met later that morning and passed the measure.

Services Not Sweeps and the Los Angeles Police Department did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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