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One of the easiest, cheapest and best ways to send gifts in Dubai is through YouGotaGift, is a website which allows its users to purchase gift cards of various brands. This is done through YGG’s partners, who are paid for their referral, with no added fees or markups whatsoever. You can use the gift cards immediately or save them for later use.

YouGotaGift doesn’t want you to feel like they’re only taking your money! So they’ll give you a gift card for free once you’ve used their website and they’ve verified that it works.

Step 1: Make an account on YouGotaGift and verify via e-mail. No credit cards needed, which is awesome!

Step 2: Obtain a gift card from their wide variety of stores such as Amazon, Domino’s, Walmart, Target..etc (usually $5-$100). Step 3: As soon as YougotaGift verifies the gift card you purchased, they will automatically apply it to your account and send you an e-mail thanking you for using their Gift website!

Step 4: Once you receive this e-mail, they’ll give you a $5 coupon to use on your next purchase. Which makes their site completely free and surprisingly easy to make profit off of by doing basically nothing (of course it is also very limited in how much money you can make).

yougotagift gift card

Why should I use YouGotaGift instead of other gift cards?

In my opinion, YGG is a great service because it has a large variety of stores to choose from as well as the possibility to filter the offers by discount percentage and card type (e.g. physical/virtual). Further, you can purchase gift cards with Bitcoin – meaning you have an indirect way to buy bitcoins without an ID or bank account. Nevertheless, if your priority is buying Bitcoins with a credit card then there are other services available that I will mention at the end of this post.

How do I get started?

The first thing you need is a wallet – either you let YGG create one for you or you create one yourself (see: Bitcoin FAQ ). The wallet address is the same as the public key and it starts with a 1 or 3. You can click on any offer to view its details, such as whether you need an invitation code, how many points it costs and when they will expire. Then simply copy paste your wallet address into YGGs form field and place your order.

Can I use Bitcoin?

Yes, this seems like a good way to buy Bitcoins in general because there are no bank fees and you can average out the price of Bitcoin by buying gift cards over time instead of speculating with large sums. Further, Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed so there’s no chance of getting scammed if everything works as intended.

Where can I use my gift card?

There is a section with all the merchants that accept the cards that you purchased – simply copy and paste it into your browser to see their website or app store. Here is an example: Apple Store . The only thing about buying these cards is that they take up way too much space (about 100 MB). So you will have to delete them from your wallet using YGG so you don’t run out of space on your phone’s storage, which would be very annoying if you want to actually use those apps! You can read more about how to do this in the FAQs . Also, please note that virtual gift cards may not work during some special promotions by the merchant because the card itself has no monetary value after it is purchased.

What can I do with a virtual gift card?

Virtual cards are great if you want to get an app, song, movie or e-book for free without affecting your wallet balance. The virtual cards from Apple and Microsoft often have coupons attached so the deal gets even sweeter! Note that YGG does not publish any of these offers on their website but they still work. If you’re uncertain whether a certain offer will give you a discount then open the item’s details page and click ‘redeem’ to see if there are any active coupons. You can then press ‘more info’ for information about how long the coupon lasts, which devices it’s compatible with, etc.

Do referrals work?

When you create an account on YouGotaGift you will have an option to share your affiliate link. If someone uses it to buy anything then you will get a 10% bonus of what they spent as long as they spend at least $5. The list of people that used your referral code is available here . It seems like there are some country restrictions for this feature because I wasn’t able to check it out myself (it says ‘sorry this function isn’t available in your location’). I think the best way to use this is by sharing your unique referral code on forums or other social networks where people might find value in buying gift cards for cheap/free.

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