Abandoned army lieutenant knocked ex-lover unconscious after pushing her onto sofa, court hears

The 27-year-old said: “Lt. McGregor has approached me several times and asked for a private chat.

“I felt he was disrespectful to the people I was with. I asked him to remember his manners and I think it ended there.

“I finally agreed to go to another room with him and Lieutenant Smith.

“It was the room where we had the conversation – or the confrontation. »

‘Get him away from me’

2nd Lt. Bird said she told Lt. McGregor not to embarrass her anymore and he then pushed her as she tried to leave the antechamber, causing her to fall onto a couch and hit her head.

“I gave him instructions,” she said. “I told him to stop embarrassing me… ‘it has to end now’ – that sort of thing.

“I tried to leave and walk past him, but Lt. McGregor held me back with his hands.

“Then he used both hands to push me back. It was a forceful push and then I remember waking up on the other side of the couch.

“I didn’t know what hit me…I was disoriented and confused. The first thing I said when I woke up was “get him away from me.”

“I heard Lieutenant Smith say [another officer] that Patrick pushed me onto the couch and I was unconscious for about 10 seconds.

“Patrick was outside the room and I remember hearing him scream that I had ‘done it to myself’. »

However, Lt. McGregor’s attorney, Matthew Bolt, told 2nd Lieutenant Bird during cross-examination, “You just ran into him in your anger and fell. You were off balance.

“You lost your balance because you were too close to Lieutenant McGregor, you were wearing high heels and you were drunk. »

The trial continues.

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