A mother who left her son to die after turning his asthma inhaler into a crack pipe is jailed

Heath’s life had “entered into a drug-fueled downward spiral of misery, chaos and tragedy”, he said.

Hakeem, who had been admitted to hospital with asthma three times in the previous two years, is said to have been discharged on his own as Heath deliberately ‘prioritized’ his heroin and crack addiction, leaving him without an inhaler.

Heath, formerly of Long Acre, Nechells, was staying at a friend’s flat when Hakeem was found dead at 7.37am.

She later told police she had smoked three bags of heroin – two before Hakeem went to bed at 10.30pm and one after, leaving her in a drug-induced sleep.

Toxicological evidence presented in court proved that Hakeem had inhaled tobacco smoke in the hours before his death, after also being exposed to heroin, crack and cannabis through second-hand smoke.

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