A man with a bat is killed while confronting windshield cleaners

BALTIMORE— A man was fatally shot after swinging a baseball bat during a confrontation with people cleaning windshields for cash at an intersection in downtown Baltimore, police say.

The bat-wielding man – Timothy Reynolds, 48, of Baltimore – was walking through an intersection near the city’s inner harbor on Thursday afternoon when he encountered so-called squeegee workers and got lively interaction, Commissioner Michael Harrison told reporters. Police released Reynolds’ name and hometown on Friday.

Squeegee workers, also known as squeegee kids, are mostly teenagers from low-income neighborhoods who clean drivers’ windshields at intersections in exchange for money. Some Baltimore drivers have complained about it.

Reynolds drove through the intersection, parked his car and returned with a baseball bat, Harrison said.

“He threw the bat at one or more of these squeegee workers. In return, one of the squeegee workers pulled out a gun and fired, hitting this male victim,” the commissioner said, adding that police do not know if Reynolds hit anyone with the bat.

Reynolds, who was white, was pronounced dead in a hospital.

The workers fled the scene on foot, Harrison said. No arrests had been made late Thursday afternoon.

A witness told the Baltimore Sun that he saw a squeegee worker shoot Reynolds after he got out of his car with the bat. Cody Bro, who was visiting Baltimore for a convention, said he saw the driver “arguing with one of the scrapers — the people who squeegee your windows.”

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