A group supporting Herschel Walker distributed gas coupons. Georgia Democrats cried foul.

“Giving out gas coupons and Herschel Walker flyers at the same time is not legal,” she said. “Are they going to do something? »

A memorandum from Mr. Walker’s lawyers shared after the event denied any wrongdoing, saying the gas vouchers were distributed “unconditionally” and that no voter who received the vouchers was required to vote, register to vote or support a political candidate.

“Warnock’s campaign is thwarted by 34N22’s community outreach program, not because of serious legal concerns, but because they don’t want the public to know that Warnock contributed to record gasoline prices and the pain Georgians feel at the pump,” the memo reads.

Mr Warnock’s campaign has not commented on the event.

Mr Walker’s campaign denied any involvement in Saturday’s giveaway after a video surfaced showing Angela Stanton-King, a Walker campaign volunteer, crediting Mr Walker for the gas voucher event. Campaign laws prohibit candidates from directly influencing or cooperating with PACs who support them.

“Herschel Walker decided, ‘You know what, we’re going to do this free gas giveaway for the community. I want them to know I care,” said Stanton-King, a former US House candidate who was pardoned in 2020 by former President Donald J. Trump for her role in a car theft ring, in the video.

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