A giant white python appears on the MTV stage – without Britney Spears

A huge snake once again made its way onto the MTV stage on Sunday night. But this time it wasn’t adorning Britney Spears’ shoulders as at 2001 MTV VMAs. Instead, this reptile was carried by several crew members and received a kiss from a “Jackass” cast member at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Sean “Poopsie” McInerney, who appeared in the 2022 film “Jackass Forever” kissing a Texas rat snake, won the gold popcorn for best kiss.

“Being a new cast member is not easy. It’s kind of weird here accepting this award on your own,” McInerney said during his speech. “But now that I’m a big movie star, me and the snake broke up and I found new love, so let’s get her out. »

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