A 5 letter word for fun? Hasbro and NYT create a Wordle board game

The company that makes some of the world’s most iconic board games, including Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue, is developing a new one based on Wordle, the obsessively popular digital guessing game.

Hasbro Inc. and The New York Times – which bought Wordle earlier this year – announced on Thursday that Wordle: The Party Game will be available for purchase in North America in October, with pre-orders already being accepted.

“Ever since Wordle burst onto the scene, it’s undoubtedly been a staple of social and pop culture vocabulary,” Adam Biehl, Pawtucket, general manager of games at Rhode Island-based Hasbro, said in a statement. communicated. “We are beyond excited to work with New York Times Games to bring our game worlds together and expand Wordle in new ways. »

In the free online version, players get six tries to guess a five-letter word, with only the previous guess providing clues.

The call is its ease of play. Begin by typing a five-letter word. If a square turns green, it’s the right letter in the right place. If it turns yellow, the letter is in the word but in the wrong place. Gray squares mean the letters are not in the word of the day.

The downside is that it can only be played once per day.

The board game will give players the opportunity to play against others and play as much as they want.

One player chooses a five-letter word at random and the others try to guess it.

There will also be multiple play options, including classic, quick, timed or team-based, Hasbro and New York Times Games said.

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn. He originally did it for his partner, but went public in October. On November 1, only 90 people had played there. In two months, this number had risen to 300,000 as the addictive phenomenon spread rapidly on social networks.

New York Times Games announced in January that it had purchased the game for an undisclosed price it described as the “low seven figures”, and it now has millions of daily players.

“Wordle really brought us all together and that’s what makes it so special,” said Jonathan Knight, chief gaming officer for The New York Times.

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