7 warning signs of a commercial pest infestation

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Are you or the people you live with afraid of bugs, insects or other pests? Does seeing pests in your home make you paranoid? Well, there’s no reason not to be paranoid. Household insects or pests are extremely unhealthy for you or worse if you have young children at home.

New home or old, the signs of a possible pest infestation are never good. This could seriously lead to countless problems and troubles. As for the possible signs, even those could be many.

A pest infestation in your home can never be good and must be addressed immediately. The best way to solve a commercial pest infestation is to arrange for commercial pest control at your home, which you can find here.

But how do you notice such problems? Some signs warn you of a possible pest infestation in your home.

Warning signs of a commercial pest infestation

7 warning signs of a commercial pest infestation
Source: pexels.com

1. Rodent manure and other droppings

The droppings of insects and household bugs are very easy to notice, so you don’t have to worry. If you notice insect manure, it’s clear you have a pest infestation in your home. You may also notice traces of mouse urine and other parasites as these are also easy to observe. However, waste from small insects and rodents often goes unnoticed.

So, if you have any doubts or perceive any hint of a pest infestation, call pest control services immediately. They will rigorously inspect the furniture and all the rooms in your home for any signs of rodent contagion. It might even help you study and research what different rodent droppings look like.

You can often find such droppings in closed cabinets, shelves and other furniture. If you ever come across pest manure, it is advisable to clean them up and get rid of them as soon as possible. Otherwise, these feces can cause serious health problems to the people living around them.

2. Signs of rodent nests

Insects like bed bugs and cockroaches give birth by laying eggs. So you might come across eggshells and others left behind the material. These are signs that they are building nests and reproducing. If you notice any signs of rodent nests, try to find them and get rid of them immediately.

Parasites normally build nests inside holes in walls, the corners of your toilet and around the edges of furniture. You should look at these places first if you notice any signs of possible nests.

3. Bad smell

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All household insects have a particular smell. According to experts, bed bugs have a sweet, musty smell. Mice smell liquid feces, while rats smell salty. People have also observed that cockroaches have an oily smell, much like soy sauce. Another odor-related factor that attracts household rodents is the accumulation of garbage and litter.

It would be wise to prevent rubbish and other waste from piling up, otherwise you will only see an increase in pest finds.

4. Material damage

If you see damage to your furniture and other structures, there is a pest infestation in your home. Signs of nibbling and small holes inside the structures are very good signs that it is the work of rodents. It is best to proceed with pest control as soon as you notice any property damage. Otherwise, it will only increase.

You mainly find evidence and evidence of rodents scratching and nibbling in areas of the house that are not used very often. Even uncleaned kitchens and restrooms that aren’t sanitized regularly show signs of picking up pests. If you ignore these issues, it will only make things worse.

One of the common examples of property damage is the nibbling of electrical wires and the breaking of insulating tubing. These examples mean rodents are crawling inside your home. The second common example would be cobwebs around uncleaned corners of the house. You’ll see cobwebs mostly around fans, toilets, and corners of the ceiling, which means you have a spider problem.

5. Damage to furniture

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Termites can cause a lot of inconveniences, so you should take care of them as soon as you notice their infestation. Signs of termites mainly include damage to wooden surfaces or furniture as these are their primary targets. They can cause tremendous structural damage to your home if not treated in time. If you see holes in wooden furniture in your home, termites are responsible.

Small fallen wings and ball-shaped black manure lumps are signs of termites infesting your home. Contact professionals to get rid of termites in your home immediately, otherwise you are compromising your home’s safety.

6. Exterior damage

If you’re wondering, yes, rodents can also damage your plants outside the house. It’s another sign of insect infestation if you see the edges of grass and leaves have been scratched or bitten. Other signs of damaged greenery include a brown tint to plant leaves and uneven grass length.

Crickets, beetles, and weevils are possible insects that could harm your plants or your entire garden, for that matter. If these pests have already infested your garden, they will soon make their way into your home. Once rodents find a way to your plants, they can also use pipes or cracks in the walls to infest your home.

Therefore, you must take extreme care of your plants to prevent insects from damaging them and endangering your health. Pesticides are the best solution to keeping your garden free from rodents.

7. Fat trails

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Mice and rats are the easiest to identify and notice among most rodents. They are easy to notice because they always leave an oily trail as they move around the house. This path is very visible since the rats always take the same paths when they move,


The key to resolving insect outbreaks is to react quickly to the situation. Delayed measures will only increase the number of pests. Once you have noticed and are sure of the signs of an infestation, contact pest control services immediately.

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