10 states, 2,400 miles and over 100 classic cars

Despite these digs, the broader response has been overwhelmingly positive. YouTube star Dylan McCool and Rowland George, senior advertising manager at Hemmings Motor News, a monthly magazine focused on classic cars, along with Bryan Vanzandt, one of the outlet’s social media influencers, have battled overheating and vapor lock issues on their 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, but helped us diagnose our accelerator pump leak and otherwise cheered us on.

However, the bulk of the work was done by us, the women of the RPM Foundation. Two moments stood out for Mr. Ellis. First: the team’s willingness to “tackle one of the most complex mechanical procedures – rebuilding a carburetor – in a parking lot in the middle of the night with only hand lamps to illuminate their work” .

Second: The following night, the team’s newly installed mechanical fuel pump failed and the Mustang had to be towed. “The team was tired and sleep deprived after the long day and nighttime rebuilding of the previous night,” he said. “So I suggested they all go to sleep while I installed an electric gas pump. Each of them stayed to help with the repairs.

Two teams from Auburn, Ind., sponsored by the National Auto & Truck Museum and the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum, helped another ailing team swap its transmission during a three-day late-night parking operation after one of their cars lost his.

With so many classic cars covering so much ground, mechanical problems and parts issues were commonplace.

Still, the volunteers helped the Big Run run smoothly for the 550 people who took part. “We started with a record number of teams: 130,” said Mr Stumb, and “111 completed the event nine days and 2,400 miles later.” We were one of those teams, taking 90th place.

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