10 Popular Gift Cards In USA and Canada

Everyone knows that gift cards are one of the most popular choices when it comes to gift-giving. We will introduce you 10 popular gift cards In the US and Canada. People often use them as gifts during birthdays or any other celebrations. This is because gift cards are easily available, and they come in various types from different brands and companies. People can choose from a wide range of gift cards if they ever decide to use them as gifts.

Is someone’s birthday coming up? Do you have plans on gifting something nice to someone special? If that is the case, gift cards are a nice option. There is no need to wreck your brain thinking about what to gift someone. Just settle on gift cards. They are one of the best options. Moreover, there are so many amazing choices to choose from. If you’re in search of some of the best gift cards, here are some of the most popular gift cards you should definitely consider.


1. MyPrepaidCenter

10 popular gift cards

One of the best choices of gift cards has to be the ones from MyprepaidCenter. The reason why we love this particular gift card is that it is multipurpose. People who possess this gift card can use it on a wide array of things. There is no limit to what people can do with this card. If you plan or surprising someone, then giving them a MyprepaidCenter gift card is a great idea.

MyprepaidCenter gift card is basically a MasterCard gift card, and people can use them on a number of things. Some of the places where people can make use of MyprepaidCenter gift cards are traveling, retail, and even on dining. Instead of giving a gift which you choose and decide, why not gift the MyprepaidCenter gift card? With this, your friends or family can choose to spend the prepaid amount on wherever they want. Giving them the option and liberty to choose is always a good idea.

You can visit MyPrepaidCenter official website by clicking here.

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2. VanillaGift

vanilla gift

If you are searching for something to gift to a very good friend of yours, look no further. VanillaGift cards are definitely a great option if you are searching for gifts. These are basically VISA gift cards that people can use anywhere where VISA debit cards get accepted. Funds also rarely expire in these cards, so they’re going to last a long time. Moreover, the card gets issued by recognized banking institutions.

You can now celebrate your friend’s birthdays or a loved one’s celebrations with Vanilla Gift Cards.

Moreover, you also get the option to customize the cards. You can choose the color of the card, add logos and even images on the card. Patterns are also up to you to choose. The best thing is you can link the card to your mobile wallet as well for contactless digital payment. Using this card, people can easily shop from anywhere that accepts VISA debit cards.

You can visit VanillaGift official website by clicking here.

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3. OneVanilla


Birthdays can be stressful if you cannot find the perfect gift for your friends or family. Searching for gifts always seems to be the hardest part of any birthday. But this will not be the case if you consider getting the OneVanilla prepaid gift cards for your loved ones. This gift card is a prepaid MasterCard. Like any gift card, people cannot use this in ATMs to take out cash, but that’s not a problem. OneVanilla cardholders can enjoy many amazing benefits.

Issued by trusted and genuine banks, OneVanilla prepaid cards are legit and acceptable all over the United States. Any store that accepts VISA or MasterCard will accept the OneVanilla gift card. This means that if you gift this to someone, they can use this to shop, travel, or even dine out in fancy restaurants or cafes that accept VISA and MasterCard.

You can visit OneVanilla official website by clicking here.

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4. GiftCardMall


Are you on the hunt for some amazing gift cards? We all know that gift cards are becoming a trend, and people are using them as gifts for various events. The good news is, there are so many gift cards, and one of the best and most popular are the gift cards by GiftCardMall. Getting a gift card from them is something worth considering, especially if you have a celebration coming up.

The best thing about GiftCardMall prepaid gift cards is that there are multiple options to choose from, starting from eGift cards to VISA gift cards and even multi-store gift cards. There are also different cards for different stores and services. If you are gifting this to someone special, you can also personalize and customize the cards to your liking. Choose from hundreds of designs and colors.

You can visit OneVanilla official website by clicking here.

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5. Target Gift Cards

target gift

People always appreciate a nice gift card. This is true, especially for Target Gift Cards. Target gift cards are a good choice because there are multiple options to choose from. Target gift cards allow the gift cardholders to purchase things from different stores, brands, and service providers under target. There are special cards for college and even high school students.

The good thing about Target gift cards is that it comes in digital format as well. You can send target gift cards to your favorite person or close ones through their emails. They come in MasterCard, VISA, and even American Express. Target gift cards are solely for the purpose of using in the target store or their website.

You can visit Target official website by clicking here.


6. Starbucks Gift Cards

starbucks gift

Who does not love Starbucks? This amazing coffee chain store has some of the best gift cards if that is what you are looking for. Starbucks gift cards are appropriate for so many different occasions. It can be for a birthday, a thank you present, a get well soon gesture, or even a congratulatory present. With a Starbucks gift card, you can brighten someone’s day in a matter of seconds.

The best part about Starbucks gift cards is that you can even send them digitally. You can do this through email or even by making use of imessage. If you prefer having a physical card, then that is possible too! Simply go to any Starbucks store and collect it. If you’re running low on cash in your gift card, there is no need to worry. You can reload your Starbucks gift card any time you want. You can also transfer the balance to someone else or request balance from someone else.

You can visit StarBucks official website by clicking here.


7. FiveBackGift


One of the most popular and best gift cards in the United States has to be the gift cards by FiveBackGift. Whether it is for a birthday, a surprise gift, a thank you gift, or even a remembrance gift, the gift cards by FiveBackGift are a solid option to consider and look into. Every day, more and more merchants and stores are getting accessible through the gift cards by FiveBackGift.

An amazing thing about gifting this card to someone close to you is that with every purchase, five percent of the total amount spent will get added back to your card’s balance. This means the more you spent, the more you will earn back! This is a VISA debit gift card and will get accepted in all the stores where VISA debit cards get accepted. You can easily change the pin and even check for the remaining balance in a matter of minutes.

You can visit FiveBackGift official website by clicking here.

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8. Only1Visa

only1visa gift card

Among the list of the most popular gift cards, the Only1Visa gift cards are one of them. This is a digital prepaid gift card. It is not a physical plastic card. However, that does not matter. It is a suitable gift for any occasion, especially birthdays or as holiday presents. The card requires registration before using it. However, it is totally worth getting this as a gift for someone special.

With the help of this gift card, holders can purchase any goods or even services from multiple brands and stores. You can use this card over the phone or through the mail, where they support virtual prepaid VISA cards. The great news about this gift card is that holders can use it for overseas purchases as well and can also easily check for the remaining balance on the card.

You can visit Only1Visa official website by clicking here.


9. PerfectGift


When it comes to the one best and most popular gift cards, PerfectGift cards deserve mentions. PerfectGift gift cards come in VISA, MasterCard, and even Amex. The one great thing about this card is that business owners can buy them in bulk as well to reward employees. Individuals can also buy their own custom VISA or MasterCard gift cards from PerfectGift.

PerfectGift also has merchant cards. If you decide to gift such gift cards to your friends or family, it’s going to be a wonderful choice. They can purchase things or even dine out from different stores and restaurants using this gift card. PerfectGift gift cards can also be used to purchase a number of different goods and services from places where VISA and MasterCard get accepted. The best thing is, if you order this card now, you can even get same-day shipping!

You can visit PerfectGift official website by clicking here.

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10. HappyCards

happycards gift

There is an easy way to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. Simply get them gift cards by HappyCards. It will be a decision you will not regret. Whether you get this card for yourself, your parents, siblings, or even friends and loved ones, you will not regret the decision. There are different cards to choose from, and every card offers access to different stores.

There are gift cards for birthdays, for saying thank you, take care cards, and even just because cards, to name a few. These cards can get you access to restaurants, cafes, retail stores, boutiques, and many more. Checking the balance on these gift cards by HappyCards is also extremely easy to do.

You can visit Happy Cards official website by clicking Here.


That’s the 10 popular gift cards, we reserve the below section for Customer Reviews, feel free to post if you have any “Good/Bad” experience with the providers mentioned in this article.

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