10 magic candles to work magic at home

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The worlds of sorcery and mysticism are vast and can be daunting. Tarot, spell casting, divine work and many other practices may seem inaccessible and confusing, but rest assured that you are entering this world of mystical goodness, without ever leaving home.

While mixing specific herbs in a spell jar or setting up an altar are great ways to connect with your spiritual side, you can also purchase spell candles to start manifesting the things you want for your life. What is a magic candle, you might ask? Spell candles are candles that have already been “dressed” — that is, rubbed with oil, inscribed with words or symbols, or made with certain ingredients, such as crystals — for an intention. specific. Spell candles are designed to serve a wide range of purposes and usually come with a spell already attached to them, so you can light them and trust the universe to do its job.

Ready to harness some mystical energy? We’ve collected 10 spell candles that can help you attract new opportunities or eliminate things that no longer serve you.

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